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Member of F.L.A.G. Michael Knight
Field Operative

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Michael Knight is a man who does not exist. Bequeathed the belief that "one man can make a difference." His partner is the world's strongest, safest, fastest (and sometimes most annoying) car - K.I.T.T.  Michael is dedicated to helping the innocent and helpless victims of criminals who operate above the law.

Member of F.L.A.G.Knight Industries Two Thousand

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K.I.T.T.'s many Faces    

K.I.T.T. is virtually indestructible. Powered by the Knight Industries' turbojet engine with modified afterburners for added acceleration. Primary programming is the preservation of human life. K.I.T.T. is F.L.A.G.'s most valuable asset and holds its greatest secrets.

Member of F.L.A.G.Devon Miles
Executive Director of F.L.A.G.

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Devon, the gentlemen's gentleman, was instrumental in the development of F.L.A.G. and it's creation of the two thousand series of artificial intelligence. Devon was a strong and trusted man who was there to help Wilton during his failing heath and business woes.
Member of F.L.A.G.Bonnie Barstow


A key member of the F.L.A.G. team. Bonnie is the mechanic for K.I.T.T. and has helped to develop some of his systems such as Super Pursuit Mode  and the Emergency Breaking System. Bonnie modifies K.I.T.T. from the F.L.A.G. semi and sometimes helps in missions as a field operative.

Member of F.L.A.G.April Curtis


April Curtis became K.I.T.T.'s mechanic during Bonnie Barstow's absence to continue her education. She helped to serve F.L.A.G. by always keeping K.I.T.T. in perfect working order. She was also a valuable operative in the field helping on several key missions.
Knight Automated Roving Robot

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Before K.I.T.T. there was K.A.R.R. Knight Industries prototype computerized car. K.A.R.R. had the potential to be the world's strongest, fastest, and safest car, but his primary programming resulted in an uncontrollable, unpredictable, and unstable artificial intelligence.

Garthe Knight
Wilton Knight's only son

Wilton Knight was disappointed in his son who was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences in an African prison. Wilton left him to serve out his sentence and created a new son in Michael Knight to carry on his belief that one man can make a difference. Garthe later escaped and returned to the United Stated. He was outraged at Michael. "Michael Knight is a living, breathing, insult to my existence."


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