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General Knight Rider

Knight Rider Archive - One word, "WOW." Everything this site could hope to be. GREAT SITE - Visit it now!

Knight Rider NL - GREAT Knight Rider site. Visit them and bookmark it today!

Knight Rider Online - A wealth of Knight Rider information! Connections to cast, crew, etc. Advanced notice of Knight Rider happenings and a strong community discussion forum all about, what else, Knight Rider!

Laszlo Agoston - Great Knight Rider section, and a amazing K.I.T.T. dash created in Flash. Stop by and drive K.I.T.T. today!


Advanced Designs In Automotive Technology - Build your own K.I.T.T. or K.A.R.R. products. Interior and exterior products. Also some cool accessories that other suppliers do not have, such as Knight themed key chains and a "display mode" for dash lights - so they will light up when the car is parked.
  Knight Replicas - Wonderful resource to help you build you own K.I.T.T., K.A.R.R. or other Knight Rider vehicle. Detailed guides and photo galleries to aid in the process. Also a forum to post any conversion questions you may have... answered by experts! Visit them today.
  Mark's Custom Kits - Ever want to own a K.I.T.T. car? Now you can! This is where I purchased my Knight Rider replica bumper for my K.I.T.T.. My scanner had two lights fizzle out, and I never could get the lights installed with out them "leaking" white light. Don't get me wrong, Mark's does quality work - his instructions just need work. And my lights may work if I ever get time to mess with them.

Books - Knight Rider Legacy : The Unofficial Guide to the Knight Rider Universe by Joe F. Huth, Richie F. Levine.
IF YOU ARE A KNIGHT RIDER FAN... BUY THIS BOOK! Or get it for someone in your life who is a fan. PERIOD !


Davilex - Makers of Knight Rider The Game for PC and PS2. Get this game. Drive K.I.T.T. Track down the baddies and save the day! Some of the game can get a little tricky, Jacob Wagner has a created great guide that I have permission to post here at Download the guide if your having trouble. Around $20, a wonderful game at a great price. It's all there the signature Knight Rider atmosphere is perfect!

UPDATE: Davilex has released a sequel game!

Non-Knight Rider:

Pre-K Fun: My wife's site. A pre-school provider's paradise! Theme based curriculum ideas, online community, links for kids games, craft ideas, songs, and so much more! Help make learning fun... at Pre-K Fun!
Aztek Fan Club: When I'm not fighting for the innocent, the helpless or the powerless - I'm driving my AZTEK. If you own one, or know someone who does tell them to stop by and join the club. International membership, great place to meet fellow owners and research maintenance, repairs, upgrades, etc. for the Pontiac Aztek! I'll see you there.
(Tell 'em Aztek-Knight sent you!)


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