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Welcome to the M1Knight, Knight Rider Community. Here you'll find various Knight items that I've come across online, or that have been contributed. Excellent works that capture the spirit of Knight Rider!

First up a GREAT diorama based on season three's "Junk Yard Dog." I found it on eBay by pbryant_knight. This auction ended for $126.01 (GBP 67.00).

Expanding on the ERTL 1:18 scale K.I.T.T. model, the diorama is extensively detailed to mimic K.I.T.T. being removed from an acid pit in a near irreparable state. A lot of time and attention to detail was put into this, watch Junk Yard Dog again so you'll know how accurate it is.


  • 1:18 ERTL K.I.T.T. with a whitish color as he was being hosed off as he left the pit
  • Fog lights recessed as they were in the show and made to look like they are covered in acid
  • Broken Steering column
  • Wires under the passenger side footwell from K.I.T.T.'s CPU
  • A tow rope disappears off to the left of the diorama to illustrate K.I.T.T. is being pulled out
  • Hand made and painted acid pit
  • Several barrels are added, one spilling toxic waste into the pit
  • Built into a display box featuring the FLAG logo shield

Photos courtesy of pbryant_knight

K.I.T.T. vs. The Enterprise

Ever wondered what would happen if K.I.T.T. and
the Enterprise computer got into it?


Knight Rider PC Case Mod

Very nice computer case done in true Knight Rider style.
K.I.T.T. would approve!


America's Got Talent: Knight Rider Stripper

K.I.T.T.'s taken the liberty of hiring a new mechanic,
she has the best hands in the business...


Crazy Frog jams to Knight Rider theme

Dee daaaa deee dooo... Dee daaaa deee dooo... laAAaAAA LLAAAAA


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