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This is the story... (get some kleenex)

I have a 1982 v8 Crossfire Trans Am. Originally black and gold just like Michael Long's. I got mine used however. It was a great deal and great condition with a shift kit and custom exhaust. T-Tops, power driver seat, the whole deal. NO back windshield washer - NASTY. In addition I've installed a high-performance PROM chip into the car's computer (non-FLAG issue). Also tracked down some turbo spun aluminum hub caps (K.I.T.T. hub caps) from a dealer - didn't pay the outrageous price of some conversion places.

After saving and saving I bought the Knight Rider nose for the car and a scanner light kit from Mark's Custom Kits. The nose was made very well, and fit well. I have not been so satisfied with the scanner. I  installed the thing as best as I could with the directions provided - they were not too amazing. From the start I have always had white light 'leak' from the edges of the scanner.

Obsessed with Knight Rider!
Still obsessed with Knight Rider!

My car was looking good - my custom license plates read OBSESD (obsessed - with KNIGHT RIDER!). The car was repainted for my wedding and was breath taking - thanks to my brother's paint job (an auto-body professional). When my wife and I were married we drove K.I.T.T. off into married bliss - but the shoe polish on the windows and T-tops ruined my new paint job. Where was the bondage shell when I need it?!

Ruined paint, and a 'leaky' scanner. Not quite the greatest super car of all time! To top it off the light bar has two lights that now fail to light!!! I have used the lights for about 15 minutes TOTAL -- and they putter out. I contacted Mark about it, but he wanted them shipped back (my cost) and I would probably have to pay some ridiculous repair fee, which would outweigh the 15 minutes of leaky light I got out of it. The issue must be somewhere in the 'high powered interface box.' (Yeah right, code name - Radio Shack!!!) The bulbs and wires are good, it is properly grounded and no other electrical work was done to stir up any trouble. I am not satisfied with the scanner at all. In an attempt to keep the car useful I retro-fitted the A/C system to the new standard. BUT my coolant leaked out like my poor scanner light.

100% frustrated and stuck for money, my K.I.T.T. super car is now waiting for two bums to stumble in and reactivate him from under his car cover. Hopefully trust really doesn't rust!

Stay tuned for updates - just like Knight Rider, my project will come back to life someday. I'll post some pictures of the car - as it once was in its glory.


P.S. My darling kitty cat, Sunshine, slashed my headliner and the seat backs too. Hope you still had some Kleenex left.


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