Don't Touch Turbo Boost

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Vehicle type: Front engine, rear-wheel drive, two passenger, two door coupe
Dimensions: Wheel base: 101 inches
Length: 189.8 inches
Width: 72 inches
Height: 37.2 inches
Engine: Knight Industries Turbojet with modified afterburners
Transmission: Eight-speed microprocessor turbodrive with auto pilot (need no driver)
Steering: Type: Modified rack-and-pinion
Turn-circle: Two feet with rocket assist
Brakes: Electromagnetic hyper-vacuum disc
Chassis/Body: Type: Unit Construction Body Material: Classified (compound is virtually indestructible)
Price New: $11,400,000 (estimated)
Acceleration: 0-60 MPS - .2 seconds with power boosters
Standing 1/4 mile - 4.286 seconds at 300 MPH
Braking: 14 feet (70-0 MPH)
Fuel Economy: Classified (to avoid heart attacks in Detroit)
  Auto Pursuit
  Auto Collision Avoidance (with over-ride option)
  Emergency Eject
  Voice Analyzer
  Infrared Tracking Scope (range: 10 miles)
  Pyroclastic Lamination (maintains cool body temperature in extreme heat)
  Blood Analyzer
  Microwave Jammer
  Interior Oxygenator
  Flame Thrower
  Rocket Boosters
  Trajectory Guidance System (launches K.I.T.T. at any angle within 90 degree arc)
  Oil Jets
  Olfactory Detector (analyzes odors)
  Spectrograph (analyzes elements)
  Electromagnetic Field Generator
  Microwave Ignition Sensor (activates other engines)
  Aquatic Synthesizer
  Electron Field Disrupter
  Ultramagnesium Charges
  Grappling Hook
  Ultraphonic Chemical Analyzer
  Two Wheel Skis
  Graphic Translator (sketches likenesses from verbal input)
  Anamorphic Equalizer
  Laser Power-pack
  Ultra-Frequency Modulator (regulates or adjusts frequency)
  Surveillance Systems
  Auxiliary Oil Pan Dumper (to minimize fire hazard and reduce emergency)
  Vital Sign Scanner (human blood pressure, etc.)
  Electronic Detection Mode (detects presence of Plastique explosive)
  Comprehensive Configuration Analysis (indicates potential weal spots)
  Rapid Thought Analyzer (quickly analyzes information)
  Locks other automobile steering wheels into position
  Darkens car windows
  Able to play video games against opponents
  Can deflate and reinflate other automobile tires
  Traces phone calls
TV Monitors: -records and replays scenarios
-freeze frame
-reproduces pictures and issues hard copies
-prints vital signs and X-rays
-produces maps, charts, etc.
Structural Specifications: Base compound: Tri-Helical MBS (Plasteele)
Yield Point: 570,000 psi
Rear Axle Load (Max): 192,000 lbs.
Front Suspension Load: 57,000 lbs. (per wheel)
Frame Tolerance: 223,000 lbs.



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