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Knight Automated Roving Robot

Before K.I.T.T. there was K.A.R.R. Knight Industries prototype computerized car. K.A.R.R. had the potential to be the world's strongest, fastest, and safest car, but his primary programming resulted in an uncontrollable, unpredictable, and unstable artificial intelligence.

K.A.R.R., like K.I.T.T. is virtually indestructible due to an advanced molecular bondage shell. K.A.R.R.'s programming, of self preservation resulted in a self-serving and dangerous machine, to everyone and anything. As such K.A.R.R. was deactivated at the request of Wilton Knight. K.A.R.R. was marked for dismantlement and put into storage. But that was not the last of K.A.R.R., he was to terrify the streets two more times.

FLAG Case #5903-E469
Theft of Knight Industries Property. Case directive: Immobilize and recover K.A.R.R. unit, destroy if necessary.
Deactivated on August 2, 1982 K.A.R.R. sat in lab three of the what eventually became the Knight Industries Museum of Technology. He was inadvertently reactivated by two bums, Tony and "The Rev." K.A.R.R. felt indebted to them for re-activating him and wished to serve them. They took K.A.R.R. on a crime spree and soon found that there was another car out to get them. Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. had been dispatched by FLAG to destroy K.A.R.R.

Bonnie disclosed in a meeting that while K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R., while almost indestructible, a weakness did exist. A high power resonating laser must be fired for an appropriate amount of time at the molecular bondage shell 'screen' that covers the scanner array at the front of the vehicle. K.I.T.T. was retro-fitted with a laser that was good for two shots -- K.I.T.T. batteries could not power any more than two shots.

During their confrontation K.A.R.R. dogged the laser shots.

K.A.R.R. decided that Tony and Rev were not of any use to him and let Tony knock Rev unconscious before boarding to flee their hide-out. Soon after K.A.R.R. would eject Tony during his attempted escape from K.I.T.T. and Michael. Tony was unwanted weight when a turbo boost was required.

After a chase and re-group K.I.T.T., Michael, and Bonnie were on a collision course with K.A.R.R.. K.I.T.T.'s primary program went into action and he assumed control from Michael, who was putting himself and Bonnie into danger. Michael ordered him to return manual control and that they would ram K.A.R.R.. K.A.R.R. tried to convince K.I.T.T. that he was a fool and to turn away. Michael kept on course. K.A.R.R.'s primary programming of self preservation made him chicken out. But in error his high speed abandon led him straight off a cliff and into the ocean.

FLAG Case #9756-L064
K.A.R.R. unit has re-appeared. Case directive: Locate and destroy.

Two years later K.A.R.R. was found by John Stanton, while metal detecting on a beach. K.A.R.R. was offline and in poor condition from his salt water grave. John had the car towed home and after playing around with the right wires unknowingly restored power to K.A.R.R.'s CPU. His scanners suffered a reduction in obassity and had reduced functionality. This can be visually confirmed as his scanner emitted pulses in an orange/yellow spectral range instead of the nominal red emissions.

K.A.R.R. was out for revenge. Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. -- the "inferior production line model, a pale copy of the original" had to both be destroyed.

K.A.R.R. accessed his databases of human psychology. He then twisted the truth, fabricated lies, and made a lethal threat on John's girl-friend so he would perform K.A.R.R.'s bidding. K.A.R.R. got John to steal materials to repair his failing circuits, and a laser weapon to destroy K.I.T.T. K.A.R.R. also had his appearance altered, and license plate changed. A trap was set for K.I.T.T. and Michael Knight.

After K.A.R.R. snared K.I.T.T. and Michael into his trap he fired the laser, without success. Then he amazingly abandoned his primary programming and decided to ram K.I.T.T. If he was unable to live, then he was going to take K.I.T.T. out with him.

In a mid air turbo-boost collision K.I.T.T. survived and K.A.R.R. was blown to pieces due to his weakened state.

All materials of K.A.R.R. were collected and returned to FLAG under lock and key.


Peter Cullen, who provided the Voice of K.A.R.R. for Trust Doesn't Rust, is an accomplished voice over artist. He is well known for providing voices for the Transformers. K.A.R.R.'s voice was intended to have a "Darth Vader" sense to it.


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